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Stay Calm & RTFM

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Bonjour, b1tch.

Saving all my fcuks for when they can used in the most efficient way possible.

Brown Shoes and the People who Wear Them

Originally posted on Jaunting Jake:
They say shoes make the man, but Andy Dufresne got away with his get-out-of-jail-free trick because I mean, seriously, how often do you look at a man’s shoes? Whichever side you fall on, adding brown, high top ankle shoes to our outfits made all the difference for me and my brother.…


Typically during the month of November, people pause for a brief moment to give thanks. But true gratitude is a lifestyle.

Traditional Food Principles: Cultivate Generosity & Gratitude

Originally posted on The aihfs blog:
by Shiloh Maples Healthy Foods Initiatives Coordinator The fast-paced, money-driven society that we live in forces us to live in a scarcity mindset— the false belief that there will never be enough; whether it’s money, food, time, energy, or something else entirely.  As a result, our actions and thoughts stem…

Genuine Interest in a Topic Really Really Really Really Matters A LOT

Originally posted on Carl Urness: thoughts and purpose:
Before we set off for Romania a large amount of people asked if we would study Romanian. Immediately I would respond with a “Yes, however fluency in the language is not what I’m after.” That statement of mine has come to fruition. I can say hello, thank…

Ignorance is Bliss

Originally posted on Brooke Reavey, Ph.D.:
I ALWAYS wanted to learn a second language. Unfortunately, though, that goal just sits on a shelf collecting dust and mocks me when I muster up enough strength to conquer it. Over the years, I commited to learning Spanish, but somehow, someway, I always get sidetracked. Because, well,…