The Anthem

I am a brainy, bawdy, beautiful babe that makes mouths water and toes tingle as they watch me tip-top-tap and twirl across the stage. A syntactic seductress, my signature style of banter is sexy, brilliant, irreverent and ingeniously clever.  I flirt with the edge without ever sacrificing good taste.

At once exotic and erotic, I am a pierced and painted femme fatale who will leave you tongue tied!

Questions are just as important as answers and there’s no such thing as a shortcut, at least not to anyplace worth going.  And the road to success is always under construction, so be ready for detours.

I have been a selfish being my entire life in practice, but not in principle.  It’s taken me some time to figure out who I am, I will admit, but now I do it on purpose.  It’s taken me decades to achieve this peace, and I’m not about to change for anyone.  I don’t endorse candidates.  I won’t sell out, because people will forget what you did or what you said, but they never forget the way you make them feel.  So live and act with a purpose.  Why are we here if not to help one another?

I do not seek my reflection in another’s eyes, and have never allowed myself to be defined by the limited perceptions of others. I refuse to compromise; I’m all I’ve got.

To me, the greatest act of courage is being the one to kiss first.

I am a Sofía Syntaxx and I am “Too Sexy For Contacts!”

Mii’iwi (that’s all)

One comment

  1. Your soul is tantalizing. Beautifully said. Allow me to be the first to kiss this post with my comment, then wait in anticipation to know if you will return it!

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