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Fight for your [______]

Veering off the “high road” of self extinction.

Conversation Starters

What are some superstitions from your culture? I wanna know.

The Adventures of Wolfia & SheetGhost [part one]

Once upon a time, there was a half-woman, half-wolf creature named Wolfia. She was a very happy-go-lucky individual, with lots of friends from all over the world. Nevertheless, there were not many creatures like her, and sometimes, she got lonely and felt out of place.  How nice it would be, Wolfia often mused to herself, […]

what i learned in college

I’ve come to learn that my greatest fear in life is having diarrhea on the bus and my second greatest fear is sitting next to a person who has just had diarrhea on the bus.  Geesh. The smell of the other bus people has really been getting me down. I don’t know why the guys […]

class rebel

She slowly dragged on her cigarette. “You know I’m bad for you right? If you’re looking for a mentor, I’m not the one.” “Are you kidding? You’re the only one worth imitating!” She threw her cigarette on the floor. “Rule number one: if you seek to imitate something, you’ll only ever be second best.” [current […]