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Angry NDN Grl Radio: Niiwin 2013 Show Synopsis Wind’s Nocturne (Luna’s Song) – Lunar Silver Star Story “Eyes on Me” from Final Fantasy VIII OST – Performed by Faye Wong Aerith’s Theme from Final Fantasy VII OST- Composed by Nobuo Uematsu “Still Alive” – Theme from Portal Annishnaabemowin of the Week  Aanikanootashiim! – Translate this (for […]


Angry NDN Grl Radio: Newi 2013 Show Synopsis Move Your Feet -Lakeesha Kelly & Sista Native (Produced by morganics in amata, Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands for Carclew youth arts, South Australia!) She’s in China – Madame XD Sit Right Down – The Boswell Sisters (1936) Love Through Postcards – The Scene Asthetic Am I Blue? […]

ANGR: Bezhig 2013

Chi’miigweetch to everyone who tuned in to the first episode of the “Angry NDN Girl Radio” show for the year 2013! Angry NDN Grl Radio: Bezhig 2013 Show Synopsis 1. “The Road” – A Tribe Called Red 2. “Everything You Do Is Political – You’re Anishinaabe” – Ryan McMahon 3. Wab Kinew gets on his soapbox 4. “We […]


Angry NDN Grl Radio: Week Eight Show Synopsis “We Are Native American Tribes” – Ella Jenkins & Co. “Treaties” – Jim Boyd  “Esnaa Kinaajiw” – Diva minwaa Davis “Volcano” – Everclear Annishnaabemowin of the Week Wiingezin – Take it easy Ahaaw, wiingezin gegii – Okay, you take it easy also


Angry NDN Grl Radio: Week Seven Show Synopsis “All My Relations” – Ulali “Her Love” – G Precious “The Humble Song” – Odemin Kwe Singers “The Humble Song” (Ojibwe version) – Margaret Noori Annishnaabemowin of the Week wisinidaa – let’s eat! miijammishim! – come eat! dibagden diziwin – humility


Angry NDN Grl Radio: Week Six Show Synopsis Tune in today at 14h, Detroit Eastern Time, on WAYN for a special hour-long election episode! Baamaapii!


Angry NDN Grl Radio: Week Five Show Synopsis “This is Halloween” from the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack “I’m an Indian too!” by the 1491s “Political Prisoner” by Immortal Technique “The Way It Should Be” by Plex ft. Relik “Right This Wrong” by Rakaa from Dilated Peoples Annishnaabemowin of the Week ziinziibaakadons – candy koosman – […]