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Will they still want me When the vacation fun is over And it’s back to un-reality Waking up crying from haunted memories of a war, culturally, they cannot conceive A life lived that reads like a movie plot It’s a hell of a scene I won’t beg But I hope Count backwards from five Let […]

O que é do homem o bicho não come

i have a thing for the way you exist

writing a love letter with a dictionary

I could have used whom correctly but I wanted people to still like me.

Syntactic Strainer

my friend saw my website for the first time last night & said it was terrible

Bonjour, b1tch.

Saving all my fcuks for when they can used in the most efficient way possible.

Winner Takes It All

For every jerk off motion, there’s an equal and opposite fcuk off notion.

Break the wheel

No thanks, Sudoku puzzles, you look suspiciously like math.