Category Poetry

one heartbeat at a time

it’s okay to feel a little lost

Transactional Existence

take care of yourself

Can’t make the best of what you don’t have

MAKE FOOD SOUND MORE PRETENTIOUS BY ADDING ‘ARTISAN’ OR ‘GOURMET’ BEFORE THE NAME! I am having ‘Gourmet’ chicken wings with ‘Artisan’ ranch.


i have no idea what to do with a thing like me

baklava for breakfast

No, no, I wasn’t making a “jerk-off” motion while you were telling me your problems, I was shaking an invisible pom-pom to cheer you on!

unsure of the future

Money can’t buy you love or happiness but it can buy enough room to get away from people who spout cliches about money

true friends stab you in the front

I like people who are the right combination of brilliant and naughty

It’s not too soon for us to fall in love

All or nothing is a great standard to hold to if you really like nothing.


It’s not drinking alone of you believe in ghosts

O que é do homem o bicho não come

i have a thing for the way you exist