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party girl it’s ok to hurt

i’m the one to call for a good time

gone with the wind

Idea: Real Housewives of the Arctic Circle- 5 Inuit women who dearly love each other sit in an igloo rendering whale fat and singing calmly.

i dont know what it means either

poised to be the final blowout that will take down the American financial system

in a smoke filled room

your painting is like a nightmare to me. I mean, the wolf looks cool; it’s what you did with the negative space around the wolf that terrorizes my dreams.

is it gonna get much better before it gets worse?

It’s never too early for an Irish drinking song. Or just drinking.

i respect myself and my grandma didn’t drive me all the way over here for this

don’t chase something you can never get back.

more than you bargained for

this conversation is over