Category poems for lola

master of none

Do not call me seven times in one day unless you’re dying and need someone to avenge your death

I see digital people


you can’t handle my swag

Based on how hard it was to get Humpty Dumpty back together again, he was probably made by IKEA

I’m always keeping things like secrets and silent.

Some people think I am crazy. I think they need to quit touching my tin foil hat.

Haters just can’t handle how real I am

I create passwords so secure that not even I can guess them.

do you have a rewards card?

“I put all those ingredients you told me to use inside of a tortilla” – how I would explain the dish I made to the food judges on “Chopped”

You say tomato, I say the revolt of the masses.

Some days, captcha is the only reason I know I’m human.