Category Relationships

gone with the wind

Idea: Real Housewives of the Arctic Circle- 5 Inuit women who dearly love each other sit in an igloo rendering whale fat and singing calmly.

look into these eyes and tell me what you see

It’s no superpower but I’m pretty good at winding down the car window without moving my arm so it looks like I have power windows.

black magic in your smile

boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy gets killed by bandits trying to give girl the last few flowers left in a post apocalyptic world

Abrupt Excuses of the Ancients

I write what I feel because what I feel cannot be touched.

i dont know if i know how to stay

you’ll know when I’m listening

But it’s the explosions that you’re known for

You cannot hide the evidence of a fire.

When You Lose Everything, You Can Do Anything

Nothing says ‘springtime’ quite like the smell of your own seared flesh against your motorcycle’s exhaust pipe.