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the right demon in the wrong time zone

“don’t get burned by the same flame twice ”

*gets burned five times*

*sticks hand back in fire again just to make sure it still burns*


Lost On You

I’ll come get my things but my heart can’t let you go

Gego bigidnike aanji’igwaa!

Identity theft is the most sincere form of flattery.

Hold Up/Sorry

Hey you with the sh1tty car & awesome bass system! Make sure to wear a condom.

gone with the wind

Idea: Real Housewives of the Arctic Circle- 5 Inuit women who dearly love each other sit in an igloo rendering whale fat and singing calmly.

look into these eyes and tell me what you see

It’s no superpower but I’m pretty good at winding down the car window without moving my arm so it looks like I have power windows.

more than you bargained for

this conversation is over