Category Humor

Typical Millennial

My version of having a tan is being 1/1000th of a shade darker than albino.

makes me feel so fine i can’t control my brain

does anyone else notice how Phineas & Ferb’s mom is always getting groceries almost everyday?

wild thoughts

All women have an hour glass figure – it’s just that some of us carry around a lot more sand.

part of the problem

Why would I pay to see a zombie movie when I have crackheads gnashing their couple of teeth at me for free right here in my own neighborhood?

livin’ life just like a movie star

ENTRY LEVEL JOB OPENING: Hiring recent college grads
REQUIREMENTS: 5 years of experience, 6 Olympic gold medals, and superpowers.

IPA /mɔr ðæn ə bir/

sometimes loving you feels just like a game of pick-up sticks, played by fcuking lunatics

I failed the Turing test

Guns don’t kill people. George R. R. Martin kills people.