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Fight for your [______]

Veering off the “high road” of self extinction.

No Pride In Genocide

We will not celebrate stolen indigenous land and stolen indigenous lives. #CancelCanadaDay

living in a white man’s world

Time flies when you’re burning rage

Yep, Black Lives STILL Matter



I am constantly surprised by all the white people who are surprised at the racism in this country. It’s like, “Ppl have been telling you!”


this is one hell of an awesome mass hallucination

Je suis métisse

I am Métis Ce n’est pas indiscret It is not a secret Ma mère était Ojibwe My mother was Ojibwe Mon père était français My father was French Moi, je suis métisse I am Métis Et je demande la lune And I shoot for the moon Je suis métisse I am Métis Je suis plus […]

It Will Get Better

Today is best known as Columbus Day, but I (as an indigenous woman) prefer to think of it as “Indigenous Peoples Day.”  I mourn the genocide of millions of indigenous Americans and enslaved Africans that happened during the construction of our country and the system we now know as capitalism. Normally, I’d go on a […]

Almost Honest

The tombstone of Leonard Matovich reads, “When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.”  Matovich was a Vietnam War veteran and perhaps the best-known gay man in USA during the 1970s, a time before “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” DADT, as it is often refered to, […]

Salute In Silence

i am a soldier. never will i leave a fallen comrade, but if my comrades knew my secret would they leave me behind? i am a sailor. i obey the orders of those appointed over me. but if i spoke aloud my secret to my shipmates would they mutiny against me? i am a Marine. […]