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I failed the Turing test

Guns don’t kill people. George R. R. Martin kills people.

inconvenienced much

Why buy the cow when you can tweet dick-pics to the milk for free?

i’m so groovy

Life is an open book. [Mine was written with an Etch-A-Sketch!] Mi’iwi.

Hollywood Tough Guy

he seemed anxious to please but not in an unctuous way…

because i’m cool like that

The closest thing to a sext that I’ve ever gotten was from someone who told me I was a five bordering on a six if I wore heels or makeup once in a while. Yup, that’s me, a bad girl #straighttovideo

What a time to be alive

sometimes i miss having an all night rage fest for no other reason than that my 8am class got canceled, then spending the rest of the day watching Disney movies, eating and sending apology texts.

Look into these eyes and tell me what you see

Another beautiful day for despair!