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Aaniin, Boozhoo! Sofia Syntaxx ndishnikaaz

This is my blog, Too Sexy For Contacts.

Too Sexy For Contacts was started in 2006 as push-back against the negativity I was facing in my life for wearing glasses – ever heard the old adage, “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses?” *Groan* Yeah, people really still say that kind of crap in the 21st century.

Loved ones urged me to get contacts, but for a variety of reasons, they just weren’t for me.

Being “Too Sexy For Contacts” is a frame of mind and isn’t limited only to our bespectacled brethren.

Anyone can be “Too Sexy For Contacts” as long as they’re true to themselves and don’t let others dictate their style tp them.

It’s a movement for anyone who has ever been treated like an outsider or made to feel like they don’t belong.

I have devoted my on-line life to empowering others to think critically about the media we consume on the daily and pushback against societal standards of what our “best selves” should look like.

Besides, everyone knows there’s nothing sexier than someone who doesn’t really know what we look like naked because they already took their glasses off 💋

Here Are Some Things That I Do:
  • Host of the ANGR Podcast
  • International Researcher
  • Writer + Poet
  • Burlesque
  • Digital arts
  • Glassblowing
  • Social Agitator

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