Quarantine, Podcasting, & YouTube : A Pandemic Holy Trinity

I haven’t written anything about the pandemic on this blog. The reason is, quite simply, that I didn’t feel there was much to say.

Though every day brought a ton of news, a lot of it was contradictory; for long, painful weeks, I felt as though my overall understanding of the situation was barely improving. In many respects, I still feel this way.

For some time I allowed myself to wallow and dwell, but then I decided I needed to create again, and not only that, I needed to share that work (I made many sketches and drawings during the first months of the pandemic, and even a handful of paintings, but I felt like all of them were too personal or elementary to show the world.)

So, I made the obvious and almost painfully cliché choice to start a podcast (although to be fair -to be FAAAIIIIRRR- starting a podcast was something I have been talking about doing for some time, and I even attempted it once before, as my embarrassing SoundCloud timeline will attest.)

My show is called the Angry NDN Girl Radio podcast, or ANGR Podcast for short.

It had a soft launch on 19 January 2021, which is when I dropped the trailer.

On this show you will hear my hot takes and unpopular opinions on the issues and stories that are shaping our world, particularly as they affect indigenous, disabled, and queer people.

You should listen if you are somebody who wants to be their best self and loves a straight-talking friend to give you all the tea, topped with a side of humor. 

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Deezer, pretty much anywhere you get your podcasts!

It has one episode so far and nine more planned, for a ten-episode season.

I’m learning a lot, and even began a course to learn how to use Reaper to record my podcasts (I’m using GarageBand at the moment.)

It’s a lot of work but the positive feedback I’ve received so far makes it worth it.

It would mean a lot to me if you could check out my show! Feel free to listen and then drop your comments below – I’d love to hear your feedback on what you learned, what you want to know more about it, and general ideas on how to improve the show.

Connect with the show on social media (Instagram and Twitter and Facebook) or click here for more information. I value your thoughts and want to hear from you!

Miigweetch miinwaa Mi’iwi [thanks and thank’s all]

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