In 2020, can y’all finally let black cosplayers breathe?

Hello, Kimono

ETA: In case the credit doesn’t show: Photo by Raquel the Photographer (

A few days ago on Twitter, I liked and retweeted a girl debuting her first cosplay. She was dressed as Nezuko from Demon Slayer and although I haven’t watched it yet (I know, I know-what am I waiting for), I knew who she was and remember thinking it was really well done. I was happy to see another black person stepping into the cosplay scene. I was proud of her.

As a 30-year-old nerd, I’m an ancient in the community. When I discovered conventions I saw no black people in cosplay for years and the concept of an entire black nerd community was non-existent. I knew one or two kids who were into the same stuff I was but we always felt like the exception. If you told us there were millions out there like us…

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