Shipping To Brazil: Everything You Need To Know

tl;dr: You cannot ship anything to Brazil.

In theory, of course, you can.  Realistically, however, it will not get there and you will have wasted a considerable amount of time, money, and effort on the endeavor.

Not convinced? Sigh, fine. Try the USPS then. If you are sending your gift from the United States, they remain the least expensive shipping option. A package weighing less than 2 pounds will set you back around $23. Tracking is provided, but it’s cryptic at best.

Say it’s your expat friend’s birthday and you want to send them a little something from home.  The best choice would be some packaged food product that is not available to buy in Brazil, because you only want to send a very inexpensive gift to Brazil. Anything of value will be taxed, and no one wants to give a gift the recipient has to pay for.

When I say inexpensive, I mean explicitly that the value of your gift, combined with the cost of shipping, must be less than US $50.  Also, the value of your gift is not determined by what you paid for it. It is the value of the gift as assessed by the Brazilian customs service.  If you score an $80 product on close-out for $20, the customs value is still $80 regardless, and the gift can be taxed at 60% of the assessed value (which in this case would amount to $48.)


My package, which consisted of a set of Scarecrow customizable prosthetic fangs (new in box), and a package of clarinet reeds, sat for weeks before being rejected by the Brazilian customs and returned to my address in the United States.

A second package of makeup, sent on a separate occasion, was also held at Brazilian customs several weeks before being returned.

If you want to give a more substantial gift, my suggestion is to skip the shipping and deposit money directly to their account, send a digital gift (such as an account credit to the streaming service of their choice), or send flowers using an online seller in Brazil.

Mi’iwi [that’s all for now]

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