Conversation Starters

Navigating the gig economy in 2019 sucks. No one pays a decent wage, you basically pay to work (once you figure in the need to have your own tools), and what is touted as a millennial solution to the 9 to 5 grind is in actuality a full-time hustle just to be broke.

But I digress.

Recently I began “tutoring” with Cambly. I use that term loosely and in part because I don’t know what else to call it. In some ways I feel like Cambly is a digital comfort girl.

Sure, half of my calls come from women, but really, I am not “tutoring” students in the way that I conventionally think of it. I am simply a vessel through which callers can practice their English conversational skills. It’s a strange time to be alive in a capitalist society, what can I say!

*Charmed by my description & wanna sign up? PLEASE USE MY REFERRAL CODE!

Long story short, I am uploading this graphic I made for conversation starters with intermediate level students to share with youse, because I just think it’s really cute!

mi’iwi [that’s all]


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