Ceviche Is For Lovers

The weekly routine I find myself falling into with Painho is quickly becoming one of the great joys and comforts in my life. I’ve never been a creature of habit per se, although I do find the rhythm and pull of a daily or weekly routine calming.

I enjoy not having to think too hard about what I am going to do each day, and find that my art flourishes when I have a regular routine. Painho has certain things he likes to do at certain times, and I find myself eagerly falling into his patterns.

This includes a weekly sojourn for Peruvian food at a small, family owned restaurant across from our apartment. If we trip, we will literally fall into the place, it’s that close (which is good, because after filling up on ceviche misto, I basically need to be rolled home, and going any farther than a block would present a real challenge!)

Enjoy this short video we made during our most recent visit!

Mi’iw [that’s all]

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