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unsure of the future

Money can’t buy you love or happiness but it can buy enough room to get away from people who spout cliches about money

true friends stab you in the front

I like people who are the right combination of brilliant and naughty

2017 Nebula Award Finalists Announced!

Originally posted on Rebecca Roanhorse:
And I’m one of them!! My short story “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience TM” was nominated for Nebula. I am still in shock that SWFA peeps even know I exist, so this is beyond cool. Thank you all who voted. The full list of nominees is here:

I Left My Heart In Timişoara

Sofía Syntaxx’s Guide to Timişoara, Romania

It’s not too soon for us to fall in love

All or nothing is a great standard to hold to if you really like nothing.