“If it’s on the Internet, it must be true.”

Rules to live by in the digital age. Beware of fake news!

Frame Your Future

Earlier this week, I witnessed a digital public lynching. A nasty Facebook post – including information that was misunderstood and/or taken way out of context – started an avalanche of hatred, false allegations, threats, profanity, and abuse unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my 20+ years as a communicator. Want to know the saddest and most surprising element of this situation? Most of the virtual rocks were hurled by parents of young children.

There are lessons to be learned from this event, both for communicators and social media users. Let’s start with the communicators – those who send the messages.

  • Draft a message in its simplest terms without sacrificing accuracy.
  • If in doubt about how the message might be perceived, test it on someone you trust, and ask their reaction. Modify as necessary. After all, the point of communication is to relay a message so the recipient hears it as it…

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