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Frame Your Future

People love talking about their work. I remember when Dr. Samantha Christiansen told me that. As usual, she was right.

During my doctoral program, I have hunted e-mail addresses for people whose work I admire. With Google’s assistance in locating people through various means (publishers, social media accounts, faculty listings on university websites), I eagerly reached out to a variety of researchers to express my admiration at their work and sometimes ask a question or two. The results were thrilling.

One of the researchers (who is heavily referenced in my dissertation) wrote back to ask questions about my work as well, and she went so far as to say, “Hey … if you’re ever looking for a research partner on a future study, let me know.”

Yet another researcher answered my e-mail with suggestions on other authors’ journal articles, then proceeded to send me a link to 93 articles that…

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