Teachings & Traditions Tuesday: The Medicine Wheel

Great article that will help non-Natives to better understand my people and how we believe ❤ Miigweetch to the authors for taking time to share these insights!

A Tribe Called Beauty

“The circle of the Medicine Wheel represents represents harmony with nature and with all our relatives. The earth turns in a circle, and the birds make their nests in circles; the Anishnaabe dance in a circle, and the four seasons of life: childhood, youth, middle age and elder hood, form the circle of life. The circle of the Wheel stands for the sun and the moon, and for all round things in Creation. It should remind us that we may do nothing that may harm the children, for they are the ones who must care for Mother Earth tomorrow, and for the generations to come. Each of us is responsible for taking care of the children and of Mother Earth; Each of us is responsible for teaching others to do the same.”
-Dominic Eshkakogan
As your already aware from the title and the quote featured above, this weeks…

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