Chapter 8: Holiday Spirits

This one might be my favourite, mostly because I’m in it 🖤🦇


It’s Pronounced like ‘Yash,’ actually, chapter 8: Holiday Spirits

Sophia’s hand squeezed mine as we shoved through the crowd, breaking temporarily into an empty space where we could breathe and reorient ourselves. I felt a twinge of guilt at having chosen to cut through the packed, ever-forward-shuffling mass of people in front of the stage rather than going around, thus dragging Sophia with me into what was quickly becoming a claustrophobic trial, but at least by now we could see the other edge of the crowd. After another few stressful seconds of pushing and shoving and muttered “Scuzati, scuzati,” we were through the mob.

“Hoooo,” muttered Sophia, looking back at the wall of backs and legs we had just maneuvered through, “okay, we’re not going through there again.”

“Hell no. Sorry, I thought it would be faster.”

She shrugged, brushing the brown strands of hair out of her eyes…

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