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Syntactic Strainer

my friend saw my website for the first time last night & said it was terrible


Being Absurdly Existential on the Eve of Leaving (Again)

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***Note: I wrote this on Monday, October 30, 2017, the day before leaving my home in Michigan to go on my next journey. Then things got busy. Might as well give you what I have to offer.*** The year 2017 has been a wild one up through October. So far:…

Chapter 3: Orientation

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I greeted Virgil with an over-the-top wave, and his usually passive, somewhat glum-looking face turned into a smile. The afternoon light was fast waning in Bucharest as we returned to the Pensiunea, and the same woman at the front desk also smiled to see me again. I dumped my bag and…

Chapter 2: Ready, set, go!

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2 Ready, Set, Go! Oversleeping isn’t exactly a term you can truthfully use when you have nothing to do to be late for. It can still be applied, however, to someone who not only needs to wake up in a timely manner in order to adjust to a new time zone…but…