Stay Calm & RTFM

If a decade of widowhood has taught me anything, it is this: you have to keep reading new books.  And if you don’t like a particular book, put it down.  Don’t feel guilty that it was not a good fit; you learned something about yourself no matter what.  

There’s no prize for soldiering on to the end, no one gets an award for finishing books they didn’t enjoy reading.  Things do not have to last forever to be worthwhile.  

Some books you may pick up and just flip through a few select chapters, others you might devour from cover to cover.  

Occasionally, you might find an old favorite that you find yourself returning to again and again BUT IF THIS IS THE CASE, only go back /because you want to/ NOT because you think there is not another book out there [spoiler alert: there are lots of other books out there.]

Just keep reading. Mi’iwi ♥


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