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The Silence Here is Deafening – And It Kills

Originally posted on South Seattle Emerald:
by Ohenewaa Nkrumah On one of my last days at the University of Washington School of Medicine (UW SOM) before I took a leave of absence that was prompted by one racially violent incident after the other, I sat in class fighting back tears of frustration, humiliation, and anger.…

I got a license for love

Peer: you’re so rebellious Me: if by rebellious you mean I have integrity in a world that runs on manipulation and lies, yes, I am very rebellious

Stay Calm & RTFM

restore to factory settings

Bonjour, b1tch.

Saving all my fcuks for when they can used in the most efficient way possible.

Brown Shoes and the People who Wear Them

Originally posted on Jaunting Jake:
They say shoes make the man, but Andy Dufresne got away with his get-out-of-jail-free trick because I mean, seriously, how often do you look at a man’s shoes? Whichever side you fall on, adding brown, high top ankle shoes to our outfits made all the difference for me and my brother.…