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Typically during the month of November, people pause for a brief moment to give thanks. But true gratitude is a lifestyle.

Traditional Food Principles: Cultivate Generosity & Gratitude

Originally posted on The aihfs blog:
by Shiloh Maples Healthy Foods Initiatives Coordinator The fast-paced, money-driven society that we live in forces us to live in a scarcity mindset— the false belief that there will never be enough; whether it’s money, food, time, energy, or something else entirely.  As a result, our actions and thoughts stem…

Genuine Interest in a Topic Really Really Really Really Matters A LOT

Originally posted on Carl Urness: thoughts and purpose:
Before we set off for Romania a large amount of people asked if we would study Romanian. Immediately I would respond with a “Yes, however fluency in the language is not what I’m after.” That statement of mine has come to fruition. I can say hello, thank…

Ignorance is Bliss

Originally posted on Brooke Reavey, Ph.D.:
I ALWAYS wanted to learn a second language. Unfortunately, though, that goal just sits on a shelf collecting dust and mocks me when I muster up enough strength to conquer it. Over the years, I commited to learning Spanish, but somehow, someway, I always get sidetracked. Because, well,…

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Transgender or Non-Binary Character

Originally posted on The Story and its Writer:
Terms to Know Trans: an inclusive term that includes all who are transgender, non-binary, or otherwise gender-nonconforming Cis/Cisgender: someone who is not trans AMAB: Assigned male at birth – someone who was marked as male on their original birth certificate AFAB: Assigned female at birth – someone…

Winner Takes It All

For every jerk off motion, there’s an equal and opposite fcuk off notion.

Break the wheel

No thanks, Sudoku puzzles, you look suspiciously like math.