the right demon in the wrong time zone

Yes, you hurt me

Yes, you were cruel

But you wouldn’t do that if 

you were happy 

with yourself, with your life

You are full of 

pain and torment 

and trauma 

(whether you want to admit it, or not)

Despite your poor attempts to disguise it

I see right through you 

because I’m just like you
You gave me a million reasons to let go

And not one to stay 

I took them all to heart

tried to retrace our steps 

back from the start 

but in the end I couldn’t find a way
Now we’re a thousand miles apart

My life basked in sunshine

While you’re swallowed by shadow
People make bad choices

when they’re mad or sad or stressed

I’ll say a prayer for you, sinner 

and our forgotten love affair 

because of all my mistakes

you were one of the best
So yes,

I’m still reading. 



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