Close My Eyes

none of your scars

make me love you any less

and while I confess,
it’s hard to wait around

for something

you know may never happen,

it’s even harder

to give it up

when you know

it’s everything you want

maybe that’s why
my heart is still calling for you
but you were bound to fall

it was just a question of where

Would it be away or towards me?

Too high to climb were your walls

Couldn’t get to the top, never got to see

In the end it was like nothing at all
But like a levee that breaks

I’m moving along

Transient like a sinner’s prayer

Built to fade like your favorite song

Because I’m better as a memory

Of something you never really knew

I’m a demon and it was time to

Cut this creature loose

It’s the nature of the beast in you



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