Monthly Archives: October 2017

the right demon in the wrong time zone

“don’t get burned by the same flame twice ”

*gets burned five times*

*sticks hand back in fire again just to make sure it still burns*

Close My Eyes

“happily ever after” is something that only exists in fairy-tales but “the end” is inevitable

Съединението прави силата

i want your bad bromance

my superpower is allowing you to underestimate me

She was given a mood ring by some who was (presummably) tired of her mood swings. Now, when she is happy the ring is green and when she’s angry, it leaves a big red f*cking mark on that schmuck’s face


Y’know those movies where the obviously pretty, clumsy n3rd girl gets a makeover and becomes all beautiful and sexy?
I’m her minus the makeover.

You’re Creeping Meowt

I’m really good at keeping secrets. I only tell people if I’m really sure they won’t repeat it to someone else. So you can trust me.

i am a predator

If you don’t own crayons, I don’t want to know you.

Lost On You

I’ll come get my things but my heart can’t let you go

Choose Your Words Deliberately 

What most people call “love” is not love; it is a self-absorbed conditional quid pro quo where you invest something only if a return of some sort is realized on a self-determined time line.

Gego bigidnike aanji’igwaa!

Identity theft is the most sincere form of flattery.