Patreon Launch

I am excited to announce that yesterday I launched my Patreon!

I decided to create a Patreon so as to allow me to continue to create art while abroad, while also engaging with friends, family and fans who are the most invested in my journey. 

Patreons can be monthly or per creation; mine is currently set to accept monthly pledges. This means on the first of each month, Patreons will be charged whatever amount they chose to pledge to me, and can then access all of that month’s content, as well as everything else than came before it.


I am so happy to have gotten this off the ground! The website was vital in helping me get all my graphics together; I highly recommend them (no, I am not getting any kickbacks from them for saying so!)

If you have enjoyed my blog thus far, I hope you will consider joining my Patreon community! This will be the only way to access much of my forthcoming work that I produce while in Europe; don’t miss out! 

You can pledge $1 or $1000, they are equally precious to me, because what your patronage means to me, aside from financial support, is that you BELIEVE in me and the work I do.  If you can’t afford to become my Patreon, that’s ok too.  Shares and likes also give me warm fuzzies!

Again, THANK YOU.  Having the support of fans and friends means the world to me!

Mi’iwi [that’s all for now]! 


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