How To Burlesque

If you want it, go out and get it. Be proactive. Be tenacious in your pursuit.

Make sparklier costumes. Take a class. TAKE ALL THE CLASSES.


Rehearse. Research. Apply to all the things.

giphy (1)


Follow all the instructions. Follow through.


Keep your online presence fresh & accurate.


Learn new techniques. Critique. Peer review.

Learn disciplines outside of your genre. 

Rework your acts.

Rework your character. 

Rewrite your bio.

PAY ATTENTION. Know everyone is replaceable. Remember that it’s showBIZ.

Hunt down and take other perspectives. Learn from your elders. Rehearse.

Check your energies. Check your privileges. Check your inexperience.

Handle yourself. Demand your own accountability.

Set and keep your boundaries.

Work on your spirit.  Work on your balance.Rehearse.

Play to your strengths. Admit your weaknesses. Dive into your vulnerabilities.

Confront your fears. Take chances. Overcome your excuses. Get out of your box.

Don’t take on something you haven’t prepared for yet. Rehearse.

Go see all the shows. Shake hands with all the performers and producers. VOLUNTEER.

Buy merch. Respect all positions in the show. Assume and judge less. Ask more questions.

BE A TEAM PLAYER. Seek all the experience. Rehearse. Find a mentor.

Fuck up royally. Apologize. Check your ego. BE GRATEFUL. BE OFFLINE.

Send professional emails. Make room in your life for what you want.

Thank your audiences individually. Pay full price. Offer trades. Rehearse.

Compromise, collaborate, communicate. Set goals. Smash them.

Stay humble. Set new goals. Struggle. Don’t settle. Work smart. Hustle.

^Miigweetch to Deanna Danger for these words of wisdom, slightly modified for format.

And may I add…


Most of all, have fun & don’t take yourself too seriously.  None of this is real anyway ❤ 🙂



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