Get Schwifty [a recap]

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Now that I have had the weekend to recover from the whirlwind that was the Halfway 2 Halloween Monster Boolesque Spooktacular, I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who made my “Sexy Rick from C-169” act possible.

Making a burlesque act go from being an idea in my head to a fully-realized concept on stage takes a village, at least in Sofia Syntaxx’s world.  In all honestly, I don’t think I have one act in my repertoire that I haven’t gotten help from my friends to bring it to life.

My RICKLESQUE act has been (loosely) in the works for about two years now.  I wanted to go as Rick and Morty with my friend Jonah M. to Youmacon back in 2015.  He created the portal gun using a 3D printer and loaned me a lab coat. My Vinyl Scratch wig made for perfect feminine Rick Sanchez hair, and a pair of old man pants I’d worn when I played the father character in the “DBWE’ININI” show completed the look.il_570xN.800240152_isjg

Unfortunately, due to events beyond our control, we weren’t able to go to the con together but I did print out vouchers to pass out to other Ricks I saw journeying without their Morty.

I also managed to break the portal gun in three different places 😦

Flash forward to a few months ago, when we began planning for the H2H show.

My fans may have noticed that I am slow-coming on developing new acts; the pattern thus far has been one new act a year.  This is largely due to finances: costumes are EXPENSIVE to create, implement, and design!  I also work several other muggle jobs in addition to being an artist, writer, and performer, so time constraints are a very real obstacle as well.


Photos by Ed Ballotts

I wanted to do something new for this show, but what?  I had heard a few remixes of “Rick and Morty” music online, but nothing that seemed to fit what I wanted to do with my act: there was either too many wubs and not enough lubs, or the songs weren’t long enough for me to strip to.

Fortunately for me, I know a ton of DJs, and most of them are total weirdos who love R&M as much as I do.  I approached DJ Glitterbuttons with my proposal and he whipped up the perfect mix for me!

We used music from Chetreo and the Maculate – Get Schwifty (Andromulus Remix) to create the song for my act.

If you would like the originals, both songs are available to download online. Just follow the links; instructions for each are fairly self-explanatory.

I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted this costume to look and function, and I also knew that I did not posses the skills to create it, so I outsourced.  Over a year ago, I had reached out to Gin Fizz [the same person who crafted the pasties for my Queen Elsa “Frozen” act] about creating a Morty merkin and Mr. Meeseeks assels.  I’d had to table the commission due to lack of funds, but was now ready to pick up where we left off.

Ultimately, we decided that cage panties would work better for my act than a merkin; I was concerned a merkin might have trouble staying adhered to my body with all the twerking I planned to do.  For my pasties, I recycled a pair I’d had made by Montabahn several years ago for a Joker act: the green and purple swirls worked perfectly as portals. Ivy’s Custom Corsetry has a corset I have been eyeing for about three years now, and I really wanted to buy it for this act, but I didn’t have any budget to spare, so I re-purposed a vintage corset I bought at the beginning of my burlesque career from V-Male in 2011, and tbh, I couldn’t be more pleased.  My friend Kim M. helped me pick it out; she knows so much about vintage clothing!  The cut is super-flattering for my tattoos, and I am also a big fan of the zipper/hook closure combo [it works great for teasing the audience with my reveal on stage.]

My costume was fully assembled but the pants I had needed to be modified.  Originally, I thought that I’d be able to handle the task, but as the date for the show approached I realized I was going to need to phone a friend.  I threw myself at the mercy of my friend Lynn, who took pity on me and used her seamstress magic to make turn my regular pants into tear-away ones!  Finally, my friend Rena graciously sewed two sparkly garters for me just hours before I was to take the stage.

I’d made arrangements for my act to be taped so I can18424202_731249483714827_255260824620802350_n submit it to the Michigan Burlesque Festival [thanks Tony D.!] and everything was in place.

The cherry on top was my friend Dave, who’d I drunkenly asked during Space Dive if he could make a Slow Mobius cosplay and join me on stage for a quick one-off joke… AND HE DID IT!  AND IT WAS THE MOST EPIC R&M COSPLAY EVER!  If you ever need a prop made, hit up EyeconFX; the man is GOOD ❤ I had my music, I had my costume, and I’d been practicing for weeks.

I was ready.18424226_10110442338486784_4919496040179765183_n

But you know what really pulled the whole thing together?  You.

The audience, the fans, the friends who commented and ‘liked’ my posts the days leading up to my performance, even my bestie, who called me before the show started to wish me luck since he couldn’t attend the show in person.  Youse guys are what make all this effort worth it.

Thank you to the photographers who came to the event, captured and shared their photos [Bri, Christopher, David, and Sergio for sure, as well as anyone who I may not know…yet!] And of course, thank you to my co-stars and the show’s producers: definitely could not have pulled this off without youse!

CHI’MIIGWEETCH [big thanks] to every single individual who helped me get shwifty!  You are so appreciated!

Mi’iwi [that’s all] ❤


“Existence is pain to a Meeseeks!” Photo by Ed Ballotts


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