excuses excuses 

Excuse me. I was told there would be meaning.

​excuse me while i decide how committed i am to caring about anything

excuse me while i let my heart bleed out all over the page

excuse me while I run my fingers through your hair & inhale the perfume from your clavicle every day for the rest of my life.

excuse me for being so goddamned turned on by you all the time

you’ll have to excuse me, i didn’t mean to shatter your illusions & dreams when i began  discussing the artificial constructs we all live in

You’ll have to excuse me, I may have inadvertently never stopped loving you.

you’ll have to excuse me for a while, i’m just whisky and music now

excuse me while i want you in my arms forever

excuse me but i was wondering if you’d like to dance with me for the next few lifetimes

excuse me while i flirt with you forever

excuse me while i try and function somehow instead of fixating on every breath you take

excuse me while the chemical reactions and electrical  impulses that make me who i am settle down

excuse me while i hold your hand forevergiphy (4).gif

please, thank you and excuse me, motherfcukers



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