Monthly Archives: April 2017

a fertile blur of supple serenity

Sometimes the only answer is “Do the reading.”

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

The Annual Gather-up of Los Angeles Asians in Entertainment is upon us. I mean, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Starting tomorrow, from April 27 to May 4, the LAAPFF will showcase a week of films from the opening of Better Luck Tomorrow for its 15th anniversary, the centerpiece Gook starring Justin Chon, the […]

ask questions. think for yourself.

makes me muse.

say your prayers

I always assume that people who reply to a text with just “K” must be soooo busy.

Your magic is showing

this is where the poem ends

Do waanitaagwos na?

we looked so much brighter thanks to the dark

this is my boomstick

Good morning. I hope I was your knightmare in shining armor.

perishable items inside

Sometimes I feel like a tiny cup of tea in a world full of supersize soft drinks.

tea and statecraft

I haven’t got any Easter eggs, so don’t talk to me about your fcuking problems.

bunnies and eggs

We cannot and will not tolerate those who lack conviction.