Magic Moments at MBF16

14368674_1389173977763901_4130473432230156211_nWhat a whirlwind weekend!

It was so great, it took me until Tuesday to recover enough to write about it!

I’d like to start by saying CHI’MIIGWEETCH [big thank you] to everyone involved with the 4th Annual Michigan Burlesque Festival.  Mabel Syrup and Valencia Starling put so much of their heart and souls into this festival, and it SHOWS ❤  Watching the other performers was such a privilege; everyone really brought their best to the fest!

I honestly don’t even know where to begin…. I had such fun bonding with the performers backstage as we got ready, the audience was magnificent, my music played without incident, the house crew hit all of my lighting and sound cues, everything went just great!


Me & Leena Allure

The best part of the festival for me was when the curtains parted and I stepped onto the stage, eyes blinded by the spot light and over the roar of the music I could hear…the entire audience singing along to my song, “Let It Go!”

I’m HoH/Deaf, and if I could hear it, you KNOW it had to be loud!  To be completely honest, the impromptu sing-a-long threw me off; in over two years of doing this act, I’ve never once had that happen!


Thank you, Michigan Burlesque Festival Friday night audience, youse gave me an incredible gift.  Thank you for crowning me your ice queen.  Baamaapii, until next year!

Mi’iwi [that’s all] ❤


Photos by Ed Ballots


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