Finishing Touches

Tomorrow marks the opening of the 4th Michigan Burlesque Festival and I am ready to rock!  My dress is pressed, extra rhinestones applied, and I even hand washed my dance tights so they would be fresh for the show ❤

Today will be my final entry as I breakdown the pieces of my costume for tomorrow’s performance.  Every day this week I have discussed a different part of my outfit and I would like to finish with the final and perhaps most iconic part of my burlesque “Queen Elsa” ensemble: the pasties.pasties

As I discussed in my previous posts, this costume has gone through many changes since its inception in 2013.  The first time I performed the act, I did not strip down to pasties at all.  However, as the act evolved, I decided that was an element that I wanted to add into the mix.

I am friends with lots of fellow performers on social media, and one of the gals I followed, Gin Fizz, posted a GORGEOUS “cherry pie” themed pastie/merkin set she had made for another performer.  In addition to being Chicago’s Candy-Colored Coquette and all-around bomb-ass performer, this fabulous female is also producing  producing a woke af burlesque show for queers, vegans, and the people that love them. Featuring the relentless talent of Dahlia Fatale, Switch The Boi Wonder, Willy LaQueue and the delicious food of The Amazing Kale Burger, this ground-breaking new show has already sold-out [you go girl!]

Once I realized she had an Etsy store, I reached out to her immediately to see if she could bring my ideas to life.  Annnnnnnnnnd SPOILER ALERT! SHE DID ❤

Pkwenigen [check out] her Etsy shop for a variety of beautiful hand crafted items, or consider contacting her with your own unique idea.  Also be sure to catch Gin Fizz on stage this weekend, as she will also be performing at the festival both nights!

Mi’iwi [that’s all] ❤



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