Is this going to contain a pun? Corset is!

Only a few more days until I take the stage for the Michigan Burlesque Festival.

This is my second year performing and I couldn’t be more excited!

All week in lead-up to the festival, I will be detailing a different part of the costume I will take off on stage Friday.  Every single piece of this particular outfit has been touched in some way either by people who live in Michigan or who are directly involved with the festival.

Without further ado, I would like to bring your attention to my… corset!


Photo by Sergio Mazzotta

My corset was made by Ivy’s Costume Corsetry.  I actually purchased it from their booth at the 2nd Annual Michigan Festival, so I think it is quite fitting that it gets to grace the stage this time around. The folks at Ivy’s have been cinching up the waists of women and men for over a decade. Flexibility, freedom, and comfort define every garment they make.

Since my purchase of this particular corset, I think they may even have made an actual FROZEN inspired corset; I don’t have the funds to purchase it but if anyone wants to gift it to me, I would be most appreciative ❤  They will be vending at the festival, so be sure to stop by their booth and check out their wares!

Mi’iwi [that’s all] ❤


Photo by Max CarrionXP



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