Michigan Made

Yesterday I pulled Queen Elsa’s costume out of storage to begin putting it in order for my performance at the Michigan Burlesque Festival this Friday.


Photo by Ed Ballots

I am proud of how far this costume has come since it’s initial conceptualization.  I first performed this piece as part of the Christmahanakwanza Variety Spectacular – Krampus Night Detroit.  There was no coronation gown/transformation reveal, nor did I go down to pasties [at the time, we were keeping that particular show PG-13].  

As I lovingly pulled each piece of the costume from it’s cedar chamber [OK, you caught me, it’s actually stored inside a plastic tote] and began to assemble into my final form, I was elated to realize that every single piece of this act [including my flesh prison] was created in Michigan!  Therefor I thought it would be fitting if, in lead-up to the festival, I spotlighted a different piece each day.  So, in order of (dis)appearance,  let’s start with Queen Elsa’s coronation gown!

The original gown has since been replaced with two pieces, custom crafted for me by Lynn B. of More Than A Mitten.  Lynn is an artist and her medium is textile.  In addition to making costumes, she also runs the Detroit faction of Free Art Friday [I help!], a super fun art scavenger game that happens around the country every Friday.  Pssst: I will *prolly* be hiding a few funny burlesque related pieces in areas surrounding the Michigan Burlesque Festival this week, just a heads up niichs [friends] 😉

I swear, there is nothing this woman can’t do with fabric, and tulle is her b1tch.  When we sat down to brainstorm ideas, we had to decide which elements of the original Disney design we wanted to keep and which could fall by the wayside.  

We ultimately concluded that trying to peel out of long sleeves was not going to work within the time restrictions of the song.  The cape is one of my favorite pieces of the costume; it flows and drapes like a dream.  CONFESSION: sometimes when I am having a bad day I put on Elsa’s wig and cape and prance around my house drinking coffee. #NOSHAME

She also constructed the ice bustle that I wear as part of Elsa’s transformation.  It’s very flouncy and a lot of fun to perform in and sooooo easy to remove [thanks Lynn!]

Come see these pieces in action and many more beautiful costumes this weekend at the Michigan Burlesque Festival!

Mi’iwi [that’s all] ❤


Photo by Russell Beebe


Photo by Russell Beebe



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