my tiny weekend (in review)

Happy Monday, comrades!  

I am feeling rather fatigued and my joints ache from change in the barometric pressure, but mentally I am in good spirits.  I spent the weekend working on my Fulbright application, with interment breaks for socialization and nutrition.

Yesterday I was more or less holed up in my studio-office, but my partner and I did venture out on Saturday night to the Atomic Cafe Gallery in Hamtramck for the Small Wonders show. 13600150_500386576819159_1034432484300569917_n

I’ve long worked in miniature out of pure necessity [for the longest time, my “studio”  was no more than a TV tray set up in my dorm room!] so I really enjoy that all artwork in this particular show is 5 inches and under.


My original miniature painting “mangidoon [s/he has a big mouth]” was on display, and live demonstrations of tiny art were going on in the other room, including Japanese Temari!

Konrad Lee, Lounge singer Extraordinaire,  was also there to entertain us by singing a fun selection of tiny themed songs.

My favorite part of the show this year was the tiny films.  One short in particular, about an elderly German couple watching a French film which revolved around their hearing aids, really captured my heart.

Miigweetch to DVS, Dekilah & their fantastic team for putting on such a wonderful exhibition.  Check out all the pictures I took on my Flickr.

Until next year! Mi’iwi [that’s all] ❤





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