Welcome To The Jungle

The first time I ever really /performed/ in public was in my high school “American idol” style singing competition.  We each created a video “audition” tape that was played over out school’s broadcasting network and the student body voted on who was to advance to the next round.

Originally, I didn’t make it but there was some sort of mix-up and in the end, was asked if I would like to compete in the stage show.  Of course I was thrilled, but this also left me with less than two days to get my music and choreography together.


this is actually 16 y.o. me performing the song!

I wanted to sing, “Welcome to the Jungle,” by Guns and Roses, but this was the early 2000s, and getting a karaoke version of the song wasn’t as easy then as it is today.  I enlisted the help of my techiest friend, and somehow, we made it happen.

On the night of the competition, I was nervous.  I didn’t know all the words and hadn’t really had time to practice, but I was pumped.  Finally, it was my turn.  The music started….and I miscounted my intro beats.

Being HoH/Deaf, I couldn’t actually really hear the music on stage so I had rehearsed by count and thought I had it all figured out.  I belted out the lyrics with everything I had and shook what my mama gave me, to the chagrin of school administrators.  Suddenly, I was done…but the music was still going.  I was totally off beat and had performed the entire song out of sync with the music.  The judges and I had a good laugh.  I did not win the competition.

Point of story?  I love “Welcome to the Jungle,” and 80’s rock in general.  Guns and Roses are one of the few bands I would actually bother to go see live ❤ Mi’iwi [that’s all]





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