Small Wonders 4

I am excited to announce that my original miniature painting, “mangidoon [s/he has a big mouth],” has been accepted into “Small Wonders – An Exhibition of Tiny Art”!

On Saturday July 09 2016 at Atomic Cafe Gallery in Hamtramck will see a grand event of tiny proportions, featuring 77 fine works in various mediums from artists local and international, created with only one guideline in mind…all artwork must 5 inches and under.

I have participated in this show for several years now, and it is always a pleasure.  The first year I had art in the show, I crafted one-of-a-kind “DINOSAUR BIRD HAUSES”, titled “Neighborhood Watch” and “Roommates.”  Those eventually found homes with my cast mates from the variety show we put on in conjunction with the exhibition that year.

Last year I was fortunate to be able to exhibit two of my miniature paintings, as well as do live demonstrations of my art.  I greatly enjoyed being able to interact wit the public in this way and it took me out of my comfort zone: my first time “arting” in public!

Now in its 4th year, Small Wonders has grown to include for the 2nd year a small festival of film shorts, a gallery of artists creating tiny art live and, returning once again, the smooth lounge singer extraordinaire Konrad Lee (close friend of Satori Circus) will be singing a selection of tiny themed songs.

Admission is $5 and all ages are welcome.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Mi’iwi [that’s all]




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