I Didn’t Quit Burlesque

Happy Friday, fam!

The last work day before a three-day ‘holiday’ weekend has me in a special sort of mood.  I’ve been more mindful of time spent here in the ether of the Wired as of late, choosing to indulge myself in more analogue pastimes, allowing the world fewer and fewer ties to my true self.  I’ve been less anxious, if not necessarily happier.  But I digress.

I’ve received more than a few private inquiries, some accusatory, some demanding, but moreover sincere and full of genuine concern, so I thought perhaps it best that I make a public declaration, now, today, when I am of sound mind and stable emotions to say, “I didn’t quit burlesque.

Ironically, I just announced my application to the Michigan Burlesque Festival a few days ago; I guess peeps missed that post?  Again, I digress.

The short answer is: I just got tired babies, so very, very tired, and for all sorts of reasons, most of which had little to do with the community and my art form.  I have taken a step back, choosing to funnel my energy into projects that, for whatever reason, are important to me.


As a public personality, I found my boundaries crossed, disregarded and all but ignored a number of times by audience members who “just wanted a picture.”

Try telling someone like that no, you’re making me uncomfortable.  It rarely goes over well.  I’ve had audience members attempt to make off with [steal] parts of my costume that came off during my strip.  One bad apple in particular was especially aggressive in his efforts to get my attention, including grabbing my arm while I was out at a regular bar night and cornering me in the backstage changing area at an event we were both working.

This is just a sample of what happens in real life, make no mention of the cyber-bullying.

Being so publicly accessible has been a positive experience for the most part but experiences such as these definitely have soured it for me at times.  Nevertheless, I still adore my art community and am still part of it; I’m just more determined than ever to do it on my terms.

To quote Kate Nyx, “If I could work only in front of rooms of weirdos hyped up on femme dominance, I’d bust out my pasties and g-strings in a heartbeat.”

Until then, I’m on hiatus, but I am still here.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, my little beasties, and maybe you’ll see me grace the stage this fall for the Michigan Burlesque Festival.  Stay tuned.

Mi’iwi [that’s all]


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