Neko Atsume: I got all the cats and now my life is meaningless

The cats do not care. They have other lives, other places to be. What brings you back, again and again, is that these semiwild creatures have decided, temporarily, to share their existence with you. You cannot collect them, merely the memory of them, for existence is fleeting and nothing, save for ourselves, is ever entirely ours. —Ryan Bradley

Yup, this is what I’m doing now. Collecting digital cats by rearranging digital furniture and then talking about it IRL. Thanks, Internet!

*You’ll be given an empty yard.
*You’re going to fill it with furniture, kitty treats, and toys.
*Cats will come (but only when the app is closed, so have patience young cat-collector).
*Kitties will lounge, play, eat, and sleep on the things you’ve strategically placed in your yard.
*Kitties are very cute, have unique personalities, and have xs for buttholes.
*Kitties will leave you silver and gold fish currency.
*You will in turn use this valuable fish currency to buy them more extravagant cat amenities.
*You will take photos of your cats as they visit. You will become obsessive about this.
*Eventually your kitties will also leave you mementos, things like, “a beautiful osprey feather,” “matches that are too damp to light,” or the coveted, “cast-off skin from a molting cicada.”
*You’ll attempt to collect all the cats, and their mementos to “win.”

tl;dr: I got all the cats and now my life is meaningless.

Mi’iwi [that’s all]

I finally got all my Nekos loafing!

Catloafs >^.^<



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