The teacher in me views Mr. Trump as a child who loves attention, but doesn’t know the difference between good attention and bad attention. We all know the type; under most circumstances, that child might be a well behaved, kind, and caring, but he can turn into a monster if he realizes nobody has noticed him for 15 minutes.  My mother used to refer to this as the “soggy potato chip” phenomena: no one REALLY wants to eat the last, gross, soggy potato chip at the end of the bag…but if that’s all there is, well…they’ll take it.
The key difference is that a child has plenty of time to learn, and Mr. Trump … well, he’s already learned that any attention is good attention.  I blame American media for this.

Casual reminder that the Minions actively seek out the most evil being on the planet to serve. 

It isn’t hard to see that much of Mr. Trump’s success could easily be attributed to his disparate people-skills. If he wants to do business with you, he can win you over individually, but, if he needs to get his name out there, raise his profile, distract the media, he’ll simply say something shocking, ignorant, hateful, inflammatory, ie. “newsworthy”, and, he won’t win us all over, but he’ll reach millions of ears, win some of them over, and get attention from the rest.
He’s the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of business and politics.
I have nothing bad to say about Dr. Jekyll, but don’t get me started on Mr. Hyde.

We have the best words.

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