Monthly Archives: March 2016

Detroit International Festival of Animation (DIFA)

Get ready for the first annual Detroit International Festival of Animation (DIFA)

Flic My Bic, Baby

Once you light the fire, people will come and sit around it

Why I Don’t Fight Via Text Msg

Text fighting never solves anything and more often than not, it makes things even worse

You don’t have to die to visit purgatory

On March 11th & 12th 2016 at the Detroit’s Tangent Gallery, the DAMNED Exhibition proudly presents the sixth exhibition of powerful cinema called: Purgatory VI – A Cinematic Exploration of the Soul.


Casual reminder that Minions actively seek out the most evil being on the planet to serve.

Consider This

Every day, women are surrounded by bigger, stronger, faster men who probably want to have sex with them and could take it by force.

Books I Would Like To Read

We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them.

Cancer Sucks But WTF Do I Know?

From One Survivor to Another

I love the ‘Merc with a Mouth’

One of the reasons why Deadpool is such a damn good movie is while it IS violent, vulgar, extremely crude, and often juvenile, the film also delivered massive amounts of humor, emotion, and actual human relationships.