Why My Black Boy Can’t Afford the Luxury of Believing in Santa

#Dbwe [real talk]
Mi’iwi [that’s all]


The other day my coworker came to my desk talking about Christmas. She rambled on about her grandchildren for a minute, then asked if my 7-year-old son still believes in Santa Claus. I paused before answering, wondering if it was even worth it to tell her the truth. Finally, I replied, “No.” She asked if this was the first year he didn’t believe. I told her he never believed in Santa because we’d never lied to him. She probed further replying, “Wow! That’s unusual. Why not?”

I was annoyed. I wasn’t just annoyed that she didn’t recognize my lack of interest by my unenthusiastic tone or answers meant to indicate I didn’t want to talk. Nor was I annoyed simply because she was, as is frequently the case, disrupting my work with personal chatter and questions. I was annoyed that my reasons for telling my son the truth about Santa…

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