How to cope when the whole world is overwhelmingly fucked up and falling apart

Dbwe [truth]

Alabama Goddamn

You find the one thing you can do.

When the world is blowing up. When someone you love takes their own life. When cancer. When another bullshit white man has gone out and shot up a school, church, movie theater, clinic. When police keep killing and incarcerating black people and it’s so obvious but so many people still can’t see it. When you can’t even with New Orleans. When a teenager you love echoes the misogyny of a thousand generations and you are sure it’s too late to save him, feel yourself suffocating in the quicksand of sexism you’ve spent a lifetime struggling against, realize again the heavy handicap of being a woman. When bombings. When homelessness. When poverty. When drought. When the whole world is just. Fucked. Up.

When you can’t check Facebook anymore because the stream of bad news and hopeless opinions and soulless politicians is dragging you…

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