Color Psychology

Many Interesting Facts

Color psychology – colours and meanings

Colors effect human behavior what can be (and is) used and abused in numerous ways. This is known and applied in medicine,  sport, marketing, traffic and many more or less important areas of everyday life. We can associate every color with specific mood and different energy, it’s connected with rich symbolism, but there are still too many variables to predict how, for instance, can change of package of a product effect the decisions of consumers.

how colors impact our moods The effect of colors can be unpredictable

The reason is simple. Our perception of colors is dependent on our environment, gender, age, experiences, religion, nationality … and of course of context of usage. Tribes living in jungle have completely different perception of different hues of green color like people raised in big cities, where green is not nearly as closely connected with survival. Or another example: while blue is…

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