SeaLife Aquarium Visit & Review

Finally got to check out Sea Life Michigan yesterday evening, and I really enjoyed myself!feesh1

After reading many of the reviews [both before and after my visit], I really think that they were a little harsh. Knowing what this space used to be [a Gameworks arcade] I think they did a wonderful job making the space flow.

I would have preferred traditional signs to the touch screens, and I didn’t like that I had to stoop to read them-that got old half-way through the exhibit, and I am a short woman!-but I understand that it is geared towards children, so I’m OK with that.  I really liked how the exhibits enforced the need and importance of conservation efforts to protect our world’s water supplies; kids need this point driven home-they are our future, after all!

It’s not the Shedd, and it’s not a zoo, it’s a modest aquarium inside a shopping center, and I think they do a nice job with it.

I went on a weekday, during the evening. I would not want to be here when there are large groups or tons of people with strollers, because in my experience, people with strollers use them as battering rams and are generally inconsiderate in a crowd, which is NOT a reflection on the establishment! But I digress.

dedStaff was polite and helpful, and I really enjoyed each area, Yes, you absolutely can blaze through here in >30 minutes, but you can also spend a long time gazing at the sea life, if you so choose. There are benches placed strategically through out the venue, and the animals are all very active and seem well cared for.

I did choke on the $25 price tag, especially since I am a zoo member and am used to the benefits that affords me, but honestly, that isn’t as crazy as some of these reviews make it seem. Stop being cheap, accept the opportunity cost, and go with it. Although, if Sea Life is smart, they will respond to their market feedback with a coupon campaign perhaps 😉

tl;dr: Overall good experience, would recommend, holding out on a coupon before I go again, or until I can afford to spring for the annual pass.

I will be posting photos from my visit to my FLICKR account in the next few days, so be sure to check them out!  Mi’iwi [that’s all]! Miigweetch for reading ❤


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