Update on Stuff I’m working on!



I’m not lazy, I swear!
I’m just veeeerryyy sllooowwww

If my higher-ups are to be believed, there are some major changes coming at my 9-5, so…yeah…I’m attempting to create an “art routine” that I can stick to on days I am not at the office.

My hope is that having a routine in place will make these days more productive in terms of increasing my art yield… and I won’t lose hours to Netflix //sweats

Trying to get into the swing of this “owning your own time” can be difficult, okay? Okay.

I picked up a new frame yesterday that I think will be the perfect compliment to the piece I am working on to submit to the BREAKING BORDERS: ELEMENTAL show [call for art is this Saturday, show is July 18th]

Errybudy freak the fug ouuuut!
Syntaxx does it gooooood
Syntaxx makes it look niiiiicee
Oh my gawd I am just so tired, sweet mother mary


On Saturday July 11 2015, come watch me create my signature mini-canvases at Atomic Cafe Gallery in Hamtramck as part of the “Small Wonders – An Exhibition of Tiny Art“.  I also have two pieces in the show!

This curated exhibition will feature 106 fine works in various mediums from 73 local and international artists created with only one guideline in mind…all artwork must 5 inches and under.

Now in its third year, Small Wonders has grown to include a small festival of film shorts, a gallery of artists creating tiny art live [c’est moi!] and the Fargin Chef on-site creating tiny portions of fine delicacies.

Lounge singer extraordinaire Konrad Lee (close friend of Satori Circus) will be singing a selection of tiny themed songs along with the greatly talented Emily Infinity.

Admission is $5 and all ages are welcome.  I hope youse all can make it!

I have some personal pieces that I want to do, as well as some fanart stuff and of course more ‘giveaway’ pieces to play for FREE ART FRIDAY, so, yeah… I’ve been keeping busy.

What projects do you have in the works, my beloved internet friends?

I’m so tired, I can’t even finish a proper thought.
I- weeeeeeeeeyeeah

Mi’iwi [that’s all]


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